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Frequently asked questions:
Q: Do your DJs take song requests?
A: Yes we always take song requests unless we are instructed not to do so by you, the client.  We do however recommend that you allow us to take requests from your guests.  This will help to improve the atmosphere on the dance floor and make your guests really feel a part of your event.  There is no need to worry, our DJs are trained to avoid music that could be deemed inappropriate and will schedule any requests so that they fit seamlessly into the playlist.  As we play music from MP3s we can download almost any song that is requested online (legally), therefore we are able to play more song requests than other DJs.

Q: Do you have the latest music?
A: Yes we are constantly keeping abreast of all the latest music on local and international charts and purchasing future hits as soon as they become available.

Q: Should we provide you with a play list?
A: We always strictly follow customer direction.  Should you wish to select each and every song for a playlist we will follow your instruction. We recommend however that you do not do this.  It is a good idea to give us details of the types of music you and your guests like (and dislike) as well as asking us to play a few of your favourite songs.  Trust your DJ, he is a professional.  Your DJ will know how best how to bring a variety of types of music (from different countries, generations and genres) together to keep your guests dancing, however don't be too shy on the night to ask him to play a particular song. 

Q: Do you provide a microphone for speeches at larger functions?
A: Yes, East Cape DJs make use of top quality, multi-frequency, UHF diversity, wireless microphone systems.  This basically means that the sound won't magically disappear and reappear as you walk around with one of our wireless microphones and your speech won't be interrupted by the kid next door on his new walky-talky set.  These are some symptoms of the el-cheapo systems used by other DJ services.  We also provide you with a microphone stand and bring along a backup wired microphone.

Q: Will my DJ talk on the microphone?
A: It's everyone's worst party DJ, the guy who thinks that just because he is in control of the microphone he should use it as much as possible to announce each song, tell inappropriate jokes and practice his "radio skills."  Our DJs are comfortable using a microphone, but will only use it when necessary or under instruction from a client.

Q: Do you provide disco lights, ambient lighting and/or dance floor effects?
A: We have many different types of disco lights including mirror balls, scanners and moonflowers.  ECDJs will provide at least one appropriate effects/disco light at each function.  In most cases we will bring more than one light. 
We can also make ambient lighting and additional dance floor effects available at your function.  These optional extras include up lighting, fog machines, bubble machines and lasers.  Visit our Galleries page to see some examples of different options. If you would like to book a particular lighting display or dance floor effect please contact us to arrange this.

Q: How long in advance should I book?
A: There are weekends where we will have a DJ available right up to the day before your function. You should however book as soon as you are sure of the date of your function.  At times all our DJs are reserved more than a year in advance of a certain date. 

Q: Do your DJs mix the music they play?
A: Most songs played are mixed to a certain degree by fading the end of the finishing song and the beginning of next song together, while other songs are "properly mixed".  We do not however employ aspiring night-club DJs, who regularly play remixes of original tracks, introduce samples or beat match every song in order to mix them back and forth.  We find that at most functions the vast majority of people want to hear their favourite song played from beginning to end and not scratched or merged with a house beat.

Q: Should I hire a DJ or a band for my function?
A: Perhaps this is the wrong question but it all depends on what you want:
A good live band can be a great source of entertainment at the correct function.  Musicians are by nature entertainers and will draw the attention of an audience, not just with the music they play, but through their charisma, musical skill and stage routine.  A live band in most cases is better suited to a function where the audience is mostly seated or mingling and needs a distraction for a period of time.
A DJ on the contrary will not be the focal point of the entertainment and focuses on playing the type of music that complements your function.  A DJ at all times has a larger range of music than a band and can cater to deferent groups within an audience for a longer time period.  While some individuals may appreciate a bands interpretation and rendition of an old classic most people prefer the original artist’s version played by a DJ.  Simply put it is best to hire a DJ if you want people to dance, especially if you want people to dance for a long period of time.
At some functions a band and a DJ are hired to complement each other.

More Questions?:  See our Why Choose Us? page or Contact Us